Personalized contact tracking and reminders

Add and track relationships you value

Quickly add relationships from your Contacts or create them yourself-- however you choose to do it, all your relationships can be added and tracked with ease.

Quick access to important details

Never forget a birthday or first encounter; Linc surfaces important details about your relationships so they're always on your mind.

View past and upcoming interaction dates

Don't forget the last time you reached out or to reach out again before too much time has passed. Conveniently located contact options make keeping in touch seamless.

Dynamic health score based on contact habits

Beautiful visual indicators help you quickly indentify how you're progressing with each of your relationships.

Private notes for every relationship

Easily keep a record of conversation topics, follow-up topics, and everything in between. Notes can be created at any time and with every interaction.

Every relationship is unique

Customization options allow you to get the details for each relationship just right-- there's no one-size-fits-all approach to human interaction.

Start a conversation with Prompts

Quickly and easily start conversations with unique and customizable converstion prompts. Choose your favorite Prompts for each relationship to make messaging more frictionless than ever.

Track and edit past interactions

Keep track of your interactions for each relationship with Linc's unique history view. Interactions are fully editable so you never have to worry about missing a detail.

Match your style

A growing selection of themes puts you in control of how the app's experience fits into your preferences.

Comfortable layouts for everyone

Like every relationship, each of us is unique. Linc lets you choose the amount and layout of information that you wish to see.

Fit your homescreen

An increasing library of custom app icons lets you decide how Linc fits in with the rest of your homescreen.

Information at a glance with Widgets

Customizable widgets let you easily keep track of upcoming interactions without having to open the app.