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Linc's Story


My name is Samuel Coe and I'm the creator of Linc.

I had the idea and desire for something like Linc for a couple of years before I created it, but it was the pandemic that pushed me to prioritize it. I found myself in the middle of 2020 developing a sense of urgency for something that might help people stay connected and anchored to people that care about them.

Personally, I love my friends and my family, but I’m the absolute worst at remembering to contact them when I actually have a moment to do so. This has been a particularly big issue since having kids because I hit the ground rolling in the mornings and it’s going from one thing to the next until kids are in bed.


By the time I'm free, it’s often too late or I don’t have the emotional energy to reach out to people. Rinse and repeat.

I would find myself going weeks or months and having the same “I need to reach out to so-and-so” thought almost every single day. The problem is that I would have the thought while I’m at work doing something or in the morning while I’m making the kids breakfast.


It was never a timely remembrance.

One of my biggest personal benefits of Linc is the ability to set contact reminders and the idea of persistent reminders that keep bugging me until I actually have a moment to form a genuine text message or make a phone call.

I created Linc to solve my own needs, but it has grown into so much more.

The community has contributed significantly to shaping Linc into a tool for everyone whether you just want to be more intentional, or (like me, I think) you have ADHD and suffer from the onslaught of a busy, ever-shifting mind.

As Linc continues to grow, and so does the community around it, I look forward to having the privilege of a front-row seat to seeing the positive impact it has on people's relationships and lives.

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