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People can use Linc to make sure that they never forget a family birthday or the last time they spoke to a friend from college. Linc is a personal relationship manager that helps people keep track of their interactions with the people that are most important to them.


What is Linc?


Linc is a personal relationship manager for iPhone and iPad that gives people the tools they need to make sure that they never lose touch with people again. We all have relationships with family members, friends, colleagues, casual acquaintances, and many more — but trying to remember when we last spoke to our nephew or when our boss's birthday is while using just our heads is impossible. That's where Linc jumps in, remembering each interaction so we don't have to. Linc will even remind people when it's time to give mom a call or check-in to see how a colleague from three jobs ago is getting on.


Because each relationship is unique, Link gives people the power to customize each and every one of them. That means that Linc will nudge people to speak with their dad more often than an old boss, for example. Anyone struggling for a conversation starter can take advantage of Linc's curated prompts to help get things flowing.


Features include:


- Import relationships from Contacts to get the ball rolling.

- Automatic reminders remove any anxiety that people haven't reached out to those who mean the most to them.

- Relationship statistics and health indicators show how good of a job people are doing at staying in touch.

- iCloud sync ensures that every relationship syncs from iPhone to iPad and back again.

- Siri and Shortcuts support for advanced automation and hands-free relationship management.

- Multiple themes and layouts to show as little or as much information as is needed.

- Private notes so people can jot down relationship-specific facts and information.

- Customizable, repeating notifications make sure people never miss a reminder to make contact with someone.

- Curated prompts that help get the conversation flowing for use in iMessages, SMS, and more

- Configurable relationship types give people complete control over how they categorize people.

- Data export for backing up and importing into other apps.

- Multiple app icon colors.


If someone has ever forgotten to stay in touch with someone else, Linc is the answer.


Linc is the perfect app for:


- College students who want to be reminded to check in with their parents.

- Networkers who find that they sometimes struggle to keep track of which potential clients they last spoke to and what they spoke about.

- People who want to check in with their grandchildren more often.

- Absolutely anyone who has a relationship, of any kind, with someone else.




Linc is a free download. Users can add one unique relationship to be tracked for free and upgrade to Linc Premium to unlock support for an unlimited number of relationships. All other features are available for everyone to use without payment.


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